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For bare aluminum made without a rough cast or machine cut finish,you need our products.

  • Cleaner and faster than the traditional rough edge buffs or rouge bars

  • Developed by the aircraft industry for spectacular results

Quite frankly, I had tried everything. At the tiny Schellville airport outside Sonoma, California, a lot of us polished plane collectors had used everything under the sun in trying to achieve and maintain the mirror finish that went along with the aircraft we use and love. The products at Perfect Polish represent our collective experince and journey towards finding what worked.

Everything we sell is everything you need to achieve the perfect polish. Developed by the aircraft industry, all our random orbit and compounding polishers, accessories and compounds are simple to use and produce outstanding results.

Whether you're looking for a new buffer polisher, auto detailing supplies, polishing cloths, or a variety of grades of our nuvite polish, Perfect Polish has what you need for that mirror finish shine. We stock polishers and buffers, including the classic, world reknowned Cyclo polisher, as well as Nuvite aluminum polish, and the best auto polisher and metal polishing equipment you can buy.