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Using FleeceWraps

FleeceWraps are our pre-cut polishing cloths. Read all about them on our Polishing Cloth page.


Nuvite Aluminum 


The 14 polishing positions

Fully used Fleecewrap


Airplane Polish

Buffer Polisher

Aircraft Aluminum Polishing

1. Lay cloth on clean table with fleece side down.

2. Put slit over motor housing.

3. Flip polisher up. fold up tail of cloth.


Polishing Cloths

Polishing Cloths


4. Now roll up tail of cloth.

5. Flip polisher down. Clamp tails together between motor and handle. Go polish.

6. After polishing 10 square feet or so, it's time to bring up clean cloth.


Polishers and Buffers

Polishing Cloths

The first polishing position is always with the slit over the head of the motor, and the second is over the front handle. This is so you don't have to hold dirty cloth.


7. Reposition slit from motor housing to handle. Wrap up and tie tail of cloth as before.

8. Clean cloth is now under the heads of the polisher.

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